Nancy Frank Mosaics

One of a Kind Creations

Grant Ave Gallery Featured Artist, 2017
Axelrod Theater, Deal, NJ

Days of Awe

Mixed media Fine Art

Temple Beth Miriam

Elberon, NJ

After dabbling in several areas of the art world through the years, I finally found my niche.  Many years ago I was celebrating Thanksgiving dinner with my family and friends.  We had just moved to our current home and I was proudly displaying my newly remodeled kitchen.  My mother had given me a magnificent set of very old Tiffany Spode china, which I loved more than life itself.  As I was putting the clean dishes back in the cabinet the prongs that support the shelf came out and my precious dishes fell to the floor and lay in a million pieces.  With twenty-two people looking on in disbelief I calmly shrugged and said through a broken heart. “Oh well, they’re just dishes.”   I stored the broken pieces for many years until one day I saw some beautiful mosaic artifacts in a local gift store.  

To make a long story short, the owner of the store put me in contact with the artist. I began taking classes at her home, and have been happily cutting dishes, tiles, sheets of glass and whatever else I can get my hands on ever since.  I hope you enjoy your journey through my website. 

-Nancy Frank

Fragments, Shards and Pieces
Images in Mosaic, 2015
Philadelphia City Hall, Philadelphia, Pa

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MSoP Member Exhibition, 2016
Gratz College, Philadelphia, Pa.